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Semalytix’ and Boehringer Ingelheim’s innovative social media study on the parental experience around Crohn’s disease wins EphMRA award

A patient preference study of Crohn’s disease treatments, carried out by Semalytix and partner Boehringer Ingelheim, has won a...

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How Multilingual Text Analytics leverages Patient Centricity in Health Care

At Semalytix, we are committed to supporting pharmaceutical companies in their endeavors concerning patient-focused drug...

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Building Trust by Listening: A Priority During Lockdown

The behavior and responsiveness of all companies and brands during the coronavirus crisis will have a big impact on how they...

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Leveraging Patient-Focused Drug Development by Social Media Patient Listening Studies
Philipp Cimiano (Chief Technology Officer)
Matthias Hartung (Chief Research Officer)
Jens Höwelkröger (Product Manager)

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Are you listening? Patients will tell you what a good drug looks like.

Patients’ voices are no longer a nice-to-have in drug development. They are a critical determinant of commercial success. As...

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What the pharmaceutical industry can learn from online conversations about healthcare

People talk about everything online – including health. The pharmaceutical industry can pay attention. The start-up Semalytix...

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White Paper: AI-Powered Real-World Evidence Generation

Improving Pharma’s Ability to Focus on the Needs of Key Stakeholders

Executive Summary

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How machines can measure the real impact of new therapies

By Melanie Senior, Analyst and Specialist, Writer in Pharma, Life Sciences

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Semalytix’ Knowledge Graph featured at the Neo4J Meeting „GraphTalk: Health & Life Sciences“ in Basel

The knowledge graph developed by Semalytix comprises of millions of pharma-relevant entities modeling key knowledge about...

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Pharma Pricing & Market Access (PPMA) Conference Learnings

Looking at Market Access for the pharmaceutical industry through the eyes of somebody involved in machine learning and...

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